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Tarot Smartphone holder Very quick post which is basically a test of the Elementor drag n drop editor for wordpress. Picture for giggles of my Tarot Smart Phone holder attached to my Taranis.

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Lawmate V3 VTX (well / Tub) STL File

After speaking to Steve Welland on the UK FPV Facebook group,he kindly offered to design me a 3D print from my drawings and dimensions. Given i only had a simple ruler the outcome was fantastic , below are the dimensions … Continue reading

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New NCR18650GA Li-Ion Packs by Pompecukor

Quick preliminary review of the new Panasonic packs which have a 30Amp discharge rating. Each cell is rated at 10Amp each. I only intend to pull a maximum 10amps from a 4S3P configuration whilst flying my X-UAV Mini Talon, and … Continue reading

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