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Tarot Smartphone holder Very quick post which is basically a test of the Elementor drag n drop editor for wordpress. Picture for giggles of my Tarot Smart Phone holder attached to my Taranis.

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Dragonlink V3 Advance Noise Floor Test

Dragonlink V3 Advance Noise Floor Test Base Line just micro RX powered by USB from laptop Now with Eagletree Vector plugged in. Eagletree + ESC Hobbywing Platinum Pro 60Amp & servos Now With Runcam Eagle 2 + Eagletree + ESC … Continue reading

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Lawmate V3 VTX (well / Tub) STL File

After speaking to Steve Welland on the UK FPV Facebook group,he kindly offered to design me a 3D print from my drawings and dimensions. Given i only had a simple ruler the outcome was fantastic , below are the dimensions … Continue reading

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4S 5000mah Lipo Comparisons

Wanted to post some size and weight comparisons of 3 popular 4S lipos, all the dimensions are available from the manufacturers website but sometimes its hard to visualise so here goes. The lipo’s are as follows 4S5000mah 25-50C Nanotech 515 … Continue reading

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Mini Skywalker FPV

So back again and yet another build log this time a super lightweight build aiming for sub 400grams fully loaded with FPV gear including basic OSD. This is a very quick prelim blog as i don’t actually have the airframes … Continue reading

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Mini Talon EAGLETREE Vector Config

So i get plenty of requests to see my vector config’s, so here’s mine for the Mini Talons. As always click the thumbnail for the bigger picture.

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Home Brew 868mhz Turnstile Antenna for TBS Crossfire.

Not content with the performance of the TBS MicroRX half wave dipole that looks to be measure and tuned for 915mhz i decided to have a go at a “Turnstile” antenna originally used for Long Range work on 433mhz band. … Continue reading

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Prototype Custom 868Mhz Dipole

So I’m making some DIY 868mhz antennas, the ARRL handbook states that the feed point should be as perpendicular to the active elements as possible to ensure an even pattern. I’ve not cut my elements yet so the question is … Continue reading

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NCR18650GA Test #2

Test number 2 – This time a constant 7 Amp discharge down to 3v per cell. Ill let the video do the talking But to summarize you can get a good safe 9000mah out of these packs going down to … Continue reading

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New NCR18650GA Li-Ion Packs by Pompecukor

Quick preliminary review of the new Panasonic packs which have a 30Amp discharge rating. Each cell is rated at 10Amp each. I only intend to pull a maximum 10amps from a 4S3P configuration whilst flying my X-UAV Mini Talon, and … Continue reading

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