4S 5000mah Lipo Comparisons

Wanted to post some size and weight comparisons of 3 popular 4S lipos, all the dimensions are available from the manufacturers website but sometimes its hard to visualise so here goes.

The lipo’s are as follows

  1. 4S5000mah 25-50C Nanotech
    • 515 Grams
    • Love these lipos in my Mini Talon its a rocket Smile
  2. 4S5200mah 10C Multistar
    • 435 Grams
    • Never used these yet but they’re going in my Xugong v2 Pro.
  3. 4S5000mah 30C Overlander
    • 475 Grams
    • Never used this size but have used the 3S9000mah Overlander lipos before and they’re quality – And so they bloody should be for the price as well.!!



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