Mini Skywalker FPV

So back again and yet another build log this time a super lightweight build aiming for sub 400grams fully loaded with FPV gear including basic OSD. This is a very quick prelim blog as i don’t actually have the airframes yet but hopefully this week.

I’ve not ordered lipo’s yet as i want to get the electronics in and see what weight is require to get the CG right then i can order the correct lipo so as to get the required weight right and not be carrying any excessive weight or even not enough weight.

The airframe this time is going to be the mini SkyWalker and trust me when i say this thing is small the wingspan is just 84CM !!

Its going to be a challenge to fit OSD, stabilised flight controller and full FPV gear inside it so I’ve gone for the smallest components possible.

I also need to figure out how i’m going to make the FC accessible so i can programme it


Ill do a quick video later of the plane along with a comparison against min Mini Talon Smile

Anyway onto the build list so I’ve gone for the following kit.

  • HXT500 Micro Servos
  • Mini Skywalker
  • Matek HubOSD ECO OSD
  • HS1177M Mini Board Camera Sony Super HAD CCD with 600TVL
  • Foxeer TM25 Switcher 5.8GHz 40CH Video Transmitter
  • IBCrazy skew planar antenna (Hacked Smile)
  • T-Motor MN2206 2000KV
  • HK Yep 18amp ESC w 4A ubec
  • FrSky D4r-ii in CPPM mode
  • Afro Amaze Mini Naze32 ( this thing is freekin tiny!!)
  • Either MS 3S1400mah or Nano-Tech 3S1300mah

Now as this is going to be as light as possible i thought id take some weight pictures so you can see the electronics weight pre build.

As always click for bigger picture.


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