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Mini Talon EAGLETREE Vector Config

So i get plenty of requests to see my vector config’s, so here’s mine for the Mini Talons. As always click the thumbnail for the bigger picture.

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Home Brew 868mhz Turnstile Antenna for TBS Crossfire.

Not content with the performance of the TBS MicroRX half wave dipole that looks to be measure and tuned for 915mhz i decided to have a go at a “Turnstile” antenna originally used for Long Range work on 433mhz band. … Continue reading

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Prototype Custom 868Mhz Dipole

So I’m making some DIY 868mhz antennas, the ARRL handbook states that the feed point should be as perpendicular to the active elements as possible to ensure an even pattern. I’ve not cut my elements yet so the question is … Continue reading

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