New NCR18650GA Li-Ion Packs by Pompecukor

Quick preliminary review of the new Panasonic packs which have a 30Amp discharge rating. Each cell is rated at 10Amp each.

I only intend to pull a maximum 10amps from a 4S3P configuration whilst flying my X-UAV Mini Talon, and cruise amps will be about 4-5amps.
Using a 4S5000mah pack consuming 4200mah i can do 30 miles so hoping for 55-60miles on these cells.

Firstly, Alex from makes nice packs they came well packaged, really well shrink-wrapped as well.
Alex is from Europe so you don’t get hit by import taxes and only took a week to arrive.

Firstly some visual size and real weight comparisons with pictures.
Below you will see the following.

Multistar 4S8000mah 10C lipo which is 648grams
Nanotech 4S5000mah 25-50C Lipo which is 527 grams
Pompecukor 4S3P 10,300mah 3C lipo 623 grams.


First charge took them from storage charge to full which is 4.2v/cell using a 4 amp charge rate as you can see they balance perfectly 4.2v across all 8 cells.


Next i left them to rest for an hour to simulate a trip to the field and then i put them on a constant 4amp discharge down to 3v/cell, now they are rated to 2.5v full discharge but i want them to last so will only ever run them down to 3v at most.

Discharge rig – need tidying and more load.


The initial results are brilliant, tomorrow I will complete an 8amp discharge run and graph the same

Below is the final discharge results as you can see i decided to stop at 3.15v per cell which gave me a little over 9200mah consumed. I expect the 8amp drain to bring this down to about 8000mah


The pack is a little big to fit the mini talon so i had to modify the top hatch by cutting some of the surrounding foam and gluing it to the top hatch so the battery slides in and out nicely. Some pictures below.

hatch (1)hatch (2)

hatch (3)hatch (4)

Next week will be a real world test where ill put these in my mini talon and leave it to loiter in a circle and see what kind of results i get.

For further information please go to for pricing and technical specs direct from the pack maker himself.

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  1. Keith says:

    Edited 22nd July 2016.

  2. John says:

    HI Keith,

    Great work, we will wait for your flight next week.

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