Mini UAV Talon Build #3

OK so I’ve documented the last two builds via various blogs and videos, this is just a quick collection of pictures and notes from build #3.

Few things to note on this build.

  1. As tidy external appearance as possible.
  2. GPS telemetry back to ground station using TBS Xfire Micro RX,.
  3. No extras in this build its a simple build and I’ve made it so i can remove the wings.
  4. No UBEC this time, the Hobbywing ESC has a 7amp UBEC built in.

So again as always click pictures for bigger versions,and please leave comments or ask questions.

Weaved motor wires to help reduce RFI/EMI interference.


Love hobbywing ESC’s real quality bits of kit and this will have the brake programmed for a better glide ratio.

electronics (1)

Couple of folding props.

electronics (2)

Cut a small access hole to allow easy access to the ET Vector USB Port.

Access Hole (1)Access Hole (2)Access Hole (3)Access Hole (4)

Decided to mount the TBS Micro Receiver in the aft portion of the plane on a small piece of foam, dipole mounted vertically.

crossfire (2)crossfire (3)crossfire (4)crossfire (5)crossfire (6)crossfire (7)

Here you can see the BST connection from the ET Vecter GPS into the crossfire BST connector for telemetry back to the ground station.

crossfire (1)

Mounted the v2 GPS at the rear and flushed mounted it a little lower.

GPSv2 (1)GPSv2 (2)

Testing different positions for the VTX.

VTX Position (2)VTX Position (3)VTX Position (4)

Nice and tidy with twisted cables where possible and here you can also see the Flytron Microphone for audio.

various (1)

Opened out the V-Tail server channel holes.

various (2)various (3)

Hinged the top hatch.

various (4)various (5)various (6)various (8)various (11)

Couple of external pictures, I epoxied a mobius mount onto the pod

external (1)external (3)external (4)

And a final couple of pictures of my talons together Smile

squadron (1)squadron (2)

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3 Responses to Mini UAV Talon Build #3

  1. mark cooper says:

    Hi keith yes im really interested in a mini uav talon being built to a standard like yours i have the big version unbuilt in a box cant sell it pnp version i have a spare osd storm osd aswellspare 8ch ezuhf i also have all the fpv  gear too the mini version looks more adapt for myself prices wise ?? Mcdrone

  2. Ardy says:

    hi, very useful article
    and I have a question, with micro rx crossfire. It’s best position antenna? and how about ground (I have tuned antenna) position? Ardy

    • admin says:

      I would always have it vertical however if only flying short range then it doesn’t matter so much.

      They’re tuned dipoles and as such should be kept as straight as possible, any kinks or bends will significantly detune them. Also try and keep the feedline at 90 degrees to the antenna elements (think T shape).


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