Bit of NCR18650B testing done this week

4S1P – NCR18650B Discharge Tests cutoff @ 3V/cell
1.9Amp drain = 3005mah expended quickly recovers to 3.45v/cell off load – No temperature difference.
3Amp drain = 2800mah expended quickly recovers to 3.35v/cell off load – 8 degree Celsius temperature rise.

a 4S3P pack will be fine given that i can cruise on 4-6amps and take off is only 8amps.
4S1P pack = 196grams
so a 4S3P would be 590 grams giving me a useable 8400mah with conservative throttle use.

Closest traditional lipo i could find with a weight of under 590grams is a turnigy nano-tech 4S5000mah

Soldering could do with being better,.


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