ZMR250 Build PID Tuning Pt1

Finally got the 250 built with the following hardware

ZMR250 with Motormania extended arms
T-Motor 2206 2000KV motors DAL 6×4.5 Props
LittleBee 20A ESC BLHELLI 14.2
Rev 6 Naze32 running latest stable BorisB BetaFlight.
FrSky D4R-ii RX
HS1177 600TVL Camera
Lumenier Race band 5.8Ghz VTX

Quick post build video below – Before anyone comments YES im moving the VTX antenna this was just temporarily mounted for testing purposes.

So first of all i made sure all 4 ESC’s were calibrated and configured the same and as im using the latest BorisB & Naze32 i can configure them with the BLHelli suite through the Naze32 USB port 🙂
This also enabled me to hardwire the ESC’s and change motor direction using the software. Below is my BLHeli Config

Please bare in mind i’m new to Naze32 and mini quads so my configs might not be right, its a learning curve i’m going through right now.

Here is my cleanflight PID’s which again arnt right as im getting small oscillations on the pitch and roll which you can see in the video at the bottom of the post

CleanFlight PIDS
The resulting flight characteristics can be seen here

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