Alien X-Mode Quad v2 Endurance Build Pt3 (Motors & Legs)

Back again and more progress made although I’m still waiting for RC-LOG to release the new v2 Vector Glonas GPS module so I’m kind of in no rush.

OK so last time i mentioned the fact that I’m going to use SunnySky 600KV motors instead of the original 470KV Tigers well here we have some pictures and thoughts on the motors.

Here we see the 470KV right and the Sunny 600KV on the left, the SunnySky’s are slightly heavier, and as you can see wider.

Motors (1)

The build quality is nice and having span them up on a test rig the bearings sound smooth, the windings look nice and tight as well.

Motors (3)

Below you can see the size difference while mounted on the Aeroxcraft X55 arms.

Motors (4)Motors (5)

The legs have finally been cut down and mounted to the bottom plate of the frame along with the carbon fibre lipo tray. I plan to use 4S5000mah lipos although there is space and the airframe will lift a 4S8000mah lipo as well Smile

First you can see how i marked out the extra holes for the alloy leg mounts.


Now with the leg mounts fitted and the lipo tray spacer.


Looking good SmileIMG_20151126_212615~2

Nice side on shot.IMG_20151126_212648~2

And finally we have the legs fitted we can see the ground clearance.

legs (1)

That’s with the 4S5000mah lipo fitted underneath.legs (2)legs (3)

Not far off now just electronics to wire up, FPV gear and then program the flight controller.

Come back soon for another update Smile

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