Tarot Smartphone holder


Very quick post which is basically a test of the Elementor drag n drop editor for wordpress.

Picture for giggles of my Tarot Smart Phone holder attached to my Taranis.

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Dragonlink V3 Advance Noise Floor Test

Dragonlink V3 Advance Noise Floor Test

Base Line just micro RX powered by USB from laptop


Now with Eagletree Vector plugged in.


Eagletree + ESC Hobbywing Platinum Pro 60Amp & servos


Now With Runcam Eagle 2 + Eagletree + ESC H’wing Platinum Pro 60A & 4 servos


Now With Runcam Eagle 2 + Eagletree + ESC H’wing Platinum Pro 60A & 4 servos

& 1.3Ghz VTX


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Lawmate V3 VTX (well / Tub) STL File

After speaking to Steve Welland on the UK FPV Facebook group,he kindly offered to design me a 3D print from my drawings and dimensions.

Given i only had a simple ruler the outcome was fantastic Smile, below are the dimensions and draft drawing along with the actual end product mounted on my Mini Talon, and finally the STL file at the bottom.


IMG_20161224_103051 IMG_20161224_103108


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4S 5000mah Lipo Comparisons

Wanted to post some size and weight comparisons of 3 popular 4S lipos, all the dimensions are available from the manufacturers website but sometimes its hard to visualise so here goes.

The lipo’s are as follows

  1. 4S5000mah 25-50C Nanotech
    • 515 Grams
    • Love these lipos in my Mini Talon its a rocket Smile
  2. 4S5200mah 10C Multistar
    • 435 Grams
    • Never used these yet but they’re going in my Xugong v2 Pro.
  3. 4S5000mah 30C Overlander
    • 475 Grams
    • Never used this size but have used the 3S9000mah Overlander lipos before and they’re quality – And so they bloody should be for the price as well.!!



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Mini Skywalker FPV

So back again and yet another build log this time a super lightweight build aiming for sub 400grams fully loaded with FPV gear including basic OSD. This is a very quick prelim blog as i don’t actually have the airframes yet but hopefully this week.

I’ve not ordered lipo’s yet as i want to get the electronics in and see what weight is require to get the CG right then i can order the correct lipo so as to get the required weight right and not be carrying any excessive weight or even not enough weight.

The airframe this time is going to be the mini SkyWalker and trust me when i say this thing is small the wingspan is just 84CM !!

Its going to be a challenge to fit OSD, stabilised flight controller and full FPV gear inside it so I’ve gone for the smallest components possible.

I also need to figure out how i’m going to make the FC accessible so i can programme it


Ill do a quick video later of the plane along with a comparison against min Mini Talon Smile

Anyway onto the build list so I’ve gone for the following kit.

  • HXT500 Micro Servos
  • Mini Skywalker
  • Matek HubOSD ECO OSD
  • HS1177M Mini Board Camera Sony Super HAD CCD with 600TVL
  • Foxeer TM25 Switcher 5.8GHz 40CH Video Transmitter
  • IBCrazy skew planar antenna (Hacked Smile)
  • T-Motor MN2206 2000KV
  • HK Yep 18amp ESC w 4A ubec
  • FrSky D4r-ii in CPPM mode
  • Afro Amaze Mini Naze32 ( this thing is freekin tiny!!)
  • Either MS 3S1400mah or Nano-Tech 3S1300mah

Now as this is going to be as light as possible i thought id take some weight pictures so you can see the electronics weight pre build.

As always click for bigger picture.


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Mini Talon EAGLETREE Vector Config

So i get plenty of requests to see my vector config’s, so here’s mine for the Mini Talons.

As always click the thumbnail for the bigger picture.


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Home Brew 868mhz Turnstile Antenna for TBS Crossfire.

Not content with the performance of the TBS MicroRX half wave dipole that looks to be measure and tuned for 915mhz i decided to have a go at a “Turnstile” antenna originally used for Long Range work on 433mhz band.

I simply divided the original measurements /2 as 868 is a 2nd harmonic of 433mhz or near as damnit Smile

Warning the build is fiddly due to the u.fl pigtails, requires delicate soldering and also testing with a multimeter afterwards to ensure there is no electrical short between the elements.

So after transposing the dimensions i followed IBcrazy’s original video which can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCypz0ZeDdo

Picture heavy from here on in with explanations.

TLDR – Scroll to bottom of post for results and thoughts.

So here i’m measuring out each side or element.


Remove some insulation and twist then flux and tin once bent to an angle, i only had 20AWG servo wire to hand so that will have to do for my first attempt, don’t know whether single strand wire would be better in this design.??


Strip a length of your u.fl pigtail in readiness.


Final design i had to glue onto a piece of cardboard to make the form / angles, ill come up with a better idea for next time.


The test bed is a TBS MicroRX and to benchmark i have a TBS supplied half wave dipole.


With the transmitter a few feet away i took some signal readings as below, this is with the TX on 10mW.


Now i went to the other side of the house and took another signal reading


Next i turned off the MicroRX and replaced the dipole for the turnstile antenna and powered back on again.


Went back to my transmitter in the other side of the house and noted the figures.


Quick picture of the antenna installed.


Results – Well they’re kind of inconclusive just now as i need to test it in the air and with my ET Vector as well.

Its worth noting my TX was set to 10mW erp and the MicroRX has an erp of 30mW which would explain my downlink results being better than my uplink.

Thoughts – due to the difficulty accurately measuring the lengths and not having a suitable antenna RF analyser then getting consistent repeatable results is going to be difficult.

Ill test the antenna next time i go flying and see how it fairs.

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Prototype Custom 868Mhz Dipole

So I’m making some DIY 868mhz antennas, the ARRL handbook states that the feed point should be as perpendicular to the active elements as possible to ensure an even pattern.

I’ve not cut my elements yet so the question is this, Will the nearby VERO tracks detune the feed point significantly enough to be worth removing.?


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NCR18650GA Test #2

Test number 2 – This time a constant 7 Amp discharge down to 3v per cell.

Ill let the video do the talking Smile

But to summarize you can get a good safe 9000mah out of these packs going down to 3.2v/cell which is very safe for these GA Li-Ions 🙂

The log file showing discharge voltages is in the excel file below.


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New NCR18650GA Li-Ion Packs by Pompecukor

Quick preliminary review of the new Panasonic packs which have a 30Amp discharge rating. Each cell is rated at 10Amp each.

I only intend to pull a maximum 10amps from a 4S3P configuration whilst flying my X-UAV Mini Talon, and cruise amps will be about 4-5amps.
Using a 4S5000mah pack consuming 4200mah i can do 30 miles so hoping for 55-60miles on these cells.

Firstly, Alex from longrangefpv.com makes nice packs they came well packaged, really well shrink-wrapped as well.
Alex is from Europe so you don’t get hit by import taxes and only took a week to arrive.

Firstly some visual size and real weight comparisons with pictures.
Below you will see the following.

Multistar 4S8000mah 10C lipo which is 648grams
Nanotech 4S5000mah 25-50C Lipo which is 527 grams
Pompecukor 4S3P 10,300mah 3C lipo 623 grams.


First charge took them from storage charge to full which is 4.2v/cell using a 4 amp charge rate as you can see they balance perfectly 4.2v across all 8 cells.


Next i left them to rest for an hour to simulate a trip to the field and then i put them on a constant 4amp discharge down to 3v/cell, now they are rated to 2.5v full discharge but i want them to last so will only ever run them down to 3v at most.

Discharge rig – need tidying and more load.


The initial results are brilliant, tomorrow I will complete an 8amp discharge run and graph the same

Below is the final discharge results as you can see i decided to stop at 3.15v per cell which gave me a little over 9200mah consumed. I expect the 8amp drain to bring this down to about 8000mah


The pack is a little big to fit the mini talon so i had to modify the top hatch by cutting some of the surrounding foam and gluing it to the top hatch so the battery slides in and out nicely. Some pictures below.

hatch (1)hatch (2)

hatch (3)hatch (4)

Next week will be a real world test where ill put these in my mini talon and leave it to loiter in a circle and see what kind of results i get.

For further information please go to www.longrangefpv.com for pricing and technical specs direct from the pack maker himself.

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